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So right now I’m looking to get back into portable gaming, however I don’t think i’m buying a 3DS or a (god forbid) vita. I’m thinking instead of getting one of these pretty awesome bluetooth controllers: 

Basically, I already emulate on my Android for 90% of my mobile gaming, and growing up poor means I missed out on a ton of awesome classic titles (I’ve never actually played Mother 2 for example). So I see my morning commute as a good time to catch up on things I’ve missed out on. The analogue sticks should be good for N64 and PSX games, and the D-Pad should work well enough for Famicom, Genesis, Hell even the Saturn might be worth looking at.

Basically whatever I can emulate on android is what i’m gonna be playing for the forseeale future. So with that in mind, got any good suggestion for classic games i should have a go at?

  • 15 June 2013
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